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Windows Phone Home Server Connector Released For WP7

Microsoft recently launched the Windows Phone Home Server (WHS) Connector for handsets running on its Windows Phone 7 OS. The connector allows users to extend their Home Server to the handset. The application allows you to stream data from WHS to your handset over the internet.

Dell Unveils their Slimmest Notebook - Slim XPS 15z

Dell has strengthened its portfolio in the notebook category, by unveiling their slimmest notebook Slim XPS 15z in India. Based on Intel's second generation Sandy Bridge processors, it will be available in both the Intel Core i5 and Core i7 versions, while also including the latest memory and graphic card configuration.

Spice Moblie Price
Last Updated On: 26 October 2021

Spice Mobile

Spice S-1200 Rs.13140
Spice Mi-300 Rs.9990
Spice G-6565 Rs.9500
Spice Mi-310 Rs.7499
Spice D-6666 Rs.6160
Spice S-7000 Rs.5500
Spice QT-95 Rs.5499
Spice QT 68 Rs.4999
Spice QT 65 Rs.4999
Spice QT-66 Rs.4940
Spice D-5555 Rs.4819
Spice M-6000 Rs.4300
Spice M-940n Rs.4230
Spice QT-56 Rs.4000
Spice M-940 Gold Rs.3970
Spice QT-60 Rs.3780
Spice D-90 Rs.3500
Spice QT-55 Rs.3190
Spice C-6600 Rs.3100
Spice QT 61 Rs.3050
Spice M-6464 Rs.3000
Spice M-67 3D Rs.3000
Spice M-5700 Flo Rs.3000
Spice M-6262 Rs.3000
Spice M-5570 Rs.2999
Spice M-5252n Rs.2800
Spice M 5170 Rs.2799
Spice M-6460 Rs.2700
Spice QT-58 Rs.2630
Spice M-6350 Rs.2550
Spice M-5151 Rs.2510
Spice M-6363 Rs.2500
Spice M-6 Sports Rs.2450
Spice M-5454 Rs.2400
Spice M-5161 Rs.2360
Spice M-5262 Rs.2350
Spice C-5300 Rs.2350
Spice QT-50 Rs.2300
Spice KT-5353 Rs.2299
Spice C-5060 Rs.2200
Spice QT-52 Rs.2159
Spice M-5161n Rs.2060
Spice M-4330 Rs.2000
Spice M-4580 Rs.1870
Spice M-4580n Rs.1800
Spice M-5055 Rs.1750
Spice M-5056 Rs.1644
Spice M-4580 DV Rs.1260
Spice M-4242 Rs.1490
Spice M-3636 Rs.1490
Spice QT-44 Rs.1430
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